Merchav Engineering Ltd מרחב הנדסה

Company Profile


Merchav Engineering Ltd., founded in 1992 has been active in Israel and worldwide ever since.
Outside of Israel we are also known as TTC Labs.


The company specializes in process engineering and supplies full range process engineering services such as: 

  • Supply of conceptual process design.
  • Supply of full process packages (“schedule A”).
  • Development work from lab through piloting to engineering and development of full process package.
  • Business initiation, i.e. business opportunities of products and technologies.
  • Economical and Feasibility Analysis.
  • Technical troubleshooting of operating plants as well as strategic performance analysis and bench-marking.
  • Optimization and debottlenecking of operating plants.

The main specialization areas are: 

  • Aromatics complexes including aromatic splitting, UDEX or Sulfolane extraction technologies,
    Xylene isomerization, Parex and O-Xylene fractionation, Cumene fractionation.
  • Refineries (including Crude Units Vacuum Unit, Visbreaker, Hydrotreaters, FCC, HDT, Propane Deasphalting, Dewaxing, Wax Hydrofinishing). 
  • Steam Reforming. Hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide Production.
  • Hydrogenation.
  • Nitration
  • VCM, EDC.
  • MTBE
  • Chlorine.(manufacture ,handling and applications)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide.(manufacture, handling and applications)
  • Phthalic Anhydride
  • Fumaric Acid (and derivatives).
  • Various organic synthesis processes.
  • Phosgene and Phosgenation. (Isocyanates, chloroformates, percarbonates).
  • Citric Acid and Citrate Salts.
  • Food grade phosphate salts.
  • Sugar processing.
  • Chromatographic separation processes, from the conceptual level to commercial scale plant.
  • Algae based Omega 3 manufacture process.
  • Fish Oil Omega 3 manufacture process.
  • Omega 3 manufacture short path distillation/molecular distillation technology.
  • Essential Oil recovery/purification from Natural Extracts.
  • Natural materials Extraction

Merchav Engineering Ltd, has been involved in various projects, among others, in the Petrochemicals and Petroleum Refining Industries, as well as Fertilizers , Natural materials Extraction, Cannabinoids,Omega 3


  • Fertilizers and Chemicals- Multi purpose Nitration unit.
  • Rotem Amfert :Fertilizers, vent scrubbers, Effluents abatement.
  • Omega 3- processing and distillaion
  • AnandaPure : Cannbinoids extraction and processing
  • Gadiv Aromatics Complex, Solvents, Phthalic Anhydride, Fumaric Acid, Succinic Acid.
  • Gadiv Petrochemical Industries – feasibility and technical studies for:Cyclohexane,Phenol-Cumene complex , BisphenolA , Polycarbonates, PET and Trimellitic Anhydride development.
    Pseudocumene distillation processes.
  • IFF -Frutarom .
  • Qualitas  Health
  • ICL- Rotem Amfert
  • AnandaPure, Oregon , USA
  • Oil Refineries Ltd. – Crude units, vacuum units, FCC , Gasoline and Gasoil hydrotreaters and High pressure HDS. Penex and Naphtha separation and hydrotreaters.
  • Makhhteshim Chemical Works – Negev Peroxide- Hydrogen peroxide unit.
  • Makhteshim Chemical Works – Steam reforming and syngas production, hydrogen, CO and CO2 production. Phosgene upgrade project. Food grade CO2 recovery from flue gas.
  • Lycored – Development of synthetic cartenoids production processes. Microencapsulation production unit. Design and debottlenecking of drying units. Solvent recovery studies.
  • Solbar Natural Extracts- Hazor. Protein production from Soy beans. Ethanol recovery and molasses production. Isoflavone manufacture.
  • Galam - Corn wet milling and starch production.
  • Dead Sea Works – Chlorine derivatives survey and feasibility studies. Epichlorohydrin project study, Chlorine- bromine fractionation
  • Agan Chemicals – Various herbicides processes.
  • Gadot Biochemical Industries- Citric acid plant. 
  • Fructose production unit- debottlenecking and upgrade.
    Fructose Isomerization project. 
  • Gadot China – Citric Acid plant.
  • Carmel Olefines –Metathesis project focusing on the C4 processing section.
  • Teva - Various solvent recovery projects-full process packages development.
  • Finetech Ltd- Development of a conceptual design for a GMP manufacturing units,
    implementing FDA compliance requirements.
  • Hydogen Peroxide- Design of storage, handling and processing units for: Teva, Rotem –Amfart , Haifa Chemicals,Bazan- Haifa Oil refineries.
  • Ammonia storage/handling and scrubbing system.
  • Frutarom – Extraction and distillation Units.



Agan Chemicals – Various herbicides and intermediates units.
Solvent recovery units (Adsorption based as well as membrane based)
Dichloromethane , dimethylamine recovery and recycle.
Glyphosate process development.

  • Inagro S/A – Brazil – 2,4D unit. 
  • Milenia S/A – Brazil – Various pesticides and intermediates.
  • Photofluorination.
  • Makhteshim Chemicals – Acid recovery and fractionation in Fungicides plant.

Aromatics units: 

Gadiv Petrochemical Industries – Process design for the expansion of P-xylene unit.
This resulted in expansion and modification of most of the aromatics complex.

Coastal Corpus Christi Texas – Sulfolane aromatics extraction and fractionation.

Koch Corpus Christi Texas – UDEX aromatic extraction.


Expansion studies for: 

  • Tonen Japan - Reformate splitting. Sulfolane extraction
  • xylene splitter, O-Xylene fractionation, Parex and Parex fractionation.
  • Kashima Japan - O-Xylene splitters study.
  • YPF Argentina - Study for sulfolane extraction expansion.
  • VEBA OL Germany – Xylene isomerization, O-Xylene and P-Xylene fractionation, Cumene fractionation.
  • Citgo Refining
  • Corpus Christi Refinery: Xylene splitting, UDEX aromatic extraction process package.
  • Lemont Refinery: Aromatic splitting, UDEX extraction and BTX
  • fractionation process package.
  • Lake Charles Refinery: Sulfolane extraction and BTX fractionation.
  • Lyondell-Citgo Texas: Aromatic splitting, Sulfolane extraction and BTX fractionation process package.
  • Chevron Chemicals, Port Arthur: Aromatic splitting, UDEX extraction unit and BT fractionation process package.
  • Petro-Canada, Montreal – Sulfolane aromatic extraction and BTX fractionation process package.
  • Phillips Petroleum 66 Sweeny Texas:
    - UDEX aromatic extraction and BT fractionation process package.
    Sulfolane aromatic extraction and TX fractionation process package.
  • Mobile Beaumont Texas – UDEX extraction.
  • Mobile Challmete Louisiana – Sulfolane aromatic extraction.
  • Williams Refining Memphis TN – Process package for a new Udex unit for Benzene production
  • Williams Refining FairBanks Alaska – Revamp study for a Sulfolane aromatic extraction unit
  • Frontier El Dorado Refining Co – Revamp of Udex extraction unit.
  • Alon Big Springs Tx – Revamp of Udex unit.
  • Petrom Romania- Revamp of o a Udex Unit.
  • Braskem –Brasil
    Heat integration project – Heat integration between toluene column and Sulfolane Strippers and Butadiene Strippers.
    Dynamic simulation and control of Butadiene and Isoprene Columns as well as Xylene Splitters.
    Revamp studies for the Sulfolane units
  • Salavat Russia- Revamp of Udex aromatics extraction unit.
  • Flint Hill Alaska- Revamp of a Sulfolane extraction unit
  • Exxon Mobil- Chalmette LA- Aromatic Complex Study.and Sulfolane extraction unit revamp study
  • Conoco Phillips-Belle- Chasse -Reformate Splitting and Sulfolane Extraction Unit revamp.
  • Carmel Olefins –Haifa
    Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Revamp
    C4 Partial Hydrogenation and Total Hydrogenation, Isomerization and Hydroisomeriztion.
    Deisubutanizer review of design
    Propylene Splitter review of design. 

Refinery Projects: 

  • Ashdod Oil Refineries – FCC Revamp and debottlenecking study.
  • ORL and PAZ Ashdod - Crude unit and vacuum unit debottlenecking projects and studies.
    HDS for Diesel oil, FCC gasoline, Kerosene.
  • PAZ Ashdod - Benzene precursors reduction in gasoline.
    Gas oil and Naphtha hydrotreater. 
    EURO 5 projects. Platformer revamp, Fired heater revamp, Benzene reduction project,
    Gasoline HDS unit, Diesel HDS unit, Kerosene HDS unit, Refinery Hydrogen loop design.
  • Petro-Canada – Three crude units in the Alberta and Oakville Refineries.
  • Phibro Houston Refinery Texas USA - UDEX
  • Texaco – Eldorado Oklahoma USA – Crude unit, UDEX, Cumene.
  • Belgian Refining Corporation – Antwerp Belgium – Crude unit.
  • Process study for Turkemenbashi – Turkemenistan – Vacuum unit.
  • Coastal Refining in N.J. USA and Aruba – Crude unit, STX Fractionation.
  • Alon Big springs – Revamp study of crude unit.
  • Haifa Oil Refineries –Crude Unit#4 and Crude Unit#3, Naphtha Splitting and C4 and C5 isomerization.